5 Best Breweries in Philadelphia in 2019 – Award Winning

Whether you are a local Philly beer drinker, or someone planning a visit from out of town, Philadelphia has plenty of options to choose from. Take it from me, as it took me several years to visit them all. Below, we are going to list our top 5 breweries in Philadelphia which are judged on selection, quality, creativity, and atmosphere.

#1 Tired Hands Brewing

Tired Hands Brewing, located in Ardmore, PA, is well known for many things. Their most known though for their wildly popular “milkshake” series of beers. Basically, they get the typical IPA or NE IPA, add lactose to the boil, and condition it on any number of fruit offerings. As a result, they are able to offer a one of a kind, creamy, sweet, and fruity beer.

Tired Hands Brewing awarded one of the top 5 best breweries in Philadelphia.
Tired Hands Brewing, located in Ardmore, PA

In addition, Tired Hands Brewing offers several other beers at both their main location and a smaller brew pub just two blocks down the road. Other staple beers that can often be found are Saison Hands, Alien Church, and Hop Hands. Also, they recently started brewing Kambucha on site.

We have declared them to be one of the best breweries in Philadelphia because they have basically created their own style of beer, have a nice variety of beers on tap at all times, and their atmosphere is very family friendly. If you haven’t been yet, I would suggest this to be your first brewery visited in the Philadelphia area.

#2 Forest and Main Brewing Company

Located in the heart of small town Ambler, PA, Forest and Main Brewing ranks #2 as one of the best breweries in Philadelphia. This brewery is a 19th century house that was converted into a English style brewpub. They offer rotating taps and primarily focus on saisons, IPAs, ESB’s, and stouts. One of their unique factors is that the guys at Forest and Main harvest their own wild yeast, which they use in most of their beers. As a result, they’re able to produce flavors that most other breweries can’t.

Forest and Main Brewing offers unique craft beers.
Forest & Main Brewing Company – Ambler, PA

In addition to these great beers, the guys at Forest and Main offer a great (but limited) farm to table menu, live music on weekends, and an artistic feel that others only dream of. This small brewery has plenty to offer and is an ideal date night spot for couples, very family friendly for even the youngest of babies, and is a hangout for locals.

#3 Free Will Brewing

Just up Rt 309, in Perkasie, PA, you will next stumble upon Free Will Brewing. Like most great but small breweries, Free Will was founded by two home brewers looking for something more. As a result, their beers are unique, vary almost on a weekly basis, and they don’t have the feel of a large corporate brewery. Breweries like Yards or Dogfish are nice, but they lack what Free Will Brewing has to offer.

Free Will Brewing in Perkasie, PA

Known for their Cloudy series of beers, Free Will Brewing has more to offer. They have fantastic weekly IPA releases, creative and fruited beers, and a great aged bottle selection. If you plan on visiting their Perkasie location, I would suggest having dinner before as they don’t offer onsite food other than a food truck. As for their newly opened Peddlar’s Village location, they have a ton of food options within walking distance.

#4 Evil Genius Beer Company

Next on our list, and the only one located close to center city, is Evil Genius Beer Company. Evil Genius offers a great variety of beers, and is extremely creative in their offerings. At any given time, you can find a caramel macchiatto porter, pineapple hefeweizen, or cherry water ice lactose IPA. These guys are also well known for their play on titles, with beers such as Stacey’s Mom, Trust the Process, Ma! The Meatloaf, and #ICANTEVEN.

Evil Genius Beer Company in Fishtown, PA

#5 Imprint Beer Company

Last on our list is the newly opened Imprint Beer Company. This brewery is located in Hatfield, PA which is about 1 hour outside of Philadelphia. I found this brewery from an interesting Instagram post and decided to give it a try. They have a handful of brews available, but are most known for their new Schomoojee series. These beers our sour IPAs conditioned on fruit with lactose added to the boil. The result is a delicious, sweet and sour IPA that almost reminded me of drinking a Sour Patch Kid.

Imprint Beer Co in Hatfield, PA

Hopefully you can see the best breweries in Philadelphia can be found in the city, or surrounding areas. Please give these a shot, and leave any comments if you agree or disagree.

Author: Brewmaster

Just your typical Philadelphia native that has a strong passion for craft beer. I've visited every brewery in the Philadelphia region at least a dozen times, been homebrewing for 15 years, and I truly enjoy sharing this passion with all of my fellow hop-heads willing to read this blog.

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