A Play About Friendship – Forest and Main Brewing (Review)

The guys at Forest and Main are known for quite a few things, and hazy IPAs is quickly becoming one of their staples. For the longest time, these guys brewed saisons with their house yeast. However, the past year or two, they have come out with weekly hazy IPAs. As a result, their portfolio is expanding and my love for them is growing.

Forest and Main A Play About Friendship

The creative geniuses at Forest and Main describe this release as a DIPA with notes of citrus groves, orange blossom honey, candies pears, mysterious lollipops, sweetened pie dough, and strange clements. We love how these guys describe their beers. In past releases, they have used descriptors such as “marijuana, cotton fields, clouds, warm sunny days, etc.”. Check out their Instagram for a good chuckle.

So What Do We Think of the Beer?

Like all of their beers, this one absolutely rocked!!! It pours a nice, foamy, aroma retaining head. As you take your first sip you will notice melon flavors, a unique biscuit taste, and a very pleasant sweetness. From the first sip to the last, this beauty shined. We think this was well worth the $18 four pack and I would highly recommend this to anyone in the Philadelphia region.

Author: Brewmaster

Just your typical Philadelphia native that has a strong passion for craft beer. I've visited every brewery in the Philadelphia region at least a dozen times, been homebrewing for 15 years, and I truly enjoy sharing this passion with all of my fellow hop-heads willing to read this blog.

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