The New Yards Brewery Review

Yards Brewing Co is one of the oldest and original breweries in the Philadelphia area. They started in Manyunk, later expanded to South Philly, and eventually ended up at their new space at 500 Spring Garden St. Since moving to their new location, the Yards brewery has expanded their seating, offered a full food menu, and firmly rooted themselves as one of the top breweries in the Philadelphia region.

Yards brewery outside image
Outside of the new Yards brewery at 500 Spring Garden.

This is the new Yards brewery…

Unlike the old location which was in front of Sugar House Casino, this new space offers so much to do. When you first walk in the new Yards brewery, you are immediately greeted by a host, with the new retail space directly to the left. In the retail space, you can find an array of hats, shirts, mugs, and bottled beers.

As you continue in, you can either sit at their wraparound bar, or any of their high top tables. We typically choose to sit at the bar for fast service and the friendly bartender interaction. The new Yards brewery has a much larger beer variety available to tap with offerings such as dry hopped, nitro, etc. of their staple beers.

Inside the new yards brewery location
Inside seating and bar at the new Yards brewery location.

The New Yards Brewery is More Than Just Good Beer

If you ever visited the Yards Brewing space, you remember the limited food options of grilled cheese, and pretzels. However, this new location offers a premiere menu with plenty of great options. My wife doesn’t like most brewery food options, but she was pleasantly surprised with what we ordered during this visit. For instance, I ordered a fancy roast pork and thought it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.

Lastly, for anyone concerned about activities or things to do for the family, the new yards brewery location has you covered. There are games, tv’s, music, and other activities to keep even the youngest of kids entertained. Also, there are excluded seating areas throughout the building to help keep noise levels under control.

Great New Location With Plenty to Eat, Drink, and Enjoy

If you are considering visiting the new Yards brewery space, I would highly recommend it. I was always a fan of Yards but didn’t visit as often because of the lack of food and entertainment. However, that has changed since moving to their new space. With their great beers, new food menus, and game offerings, I would recommend including this brewery in any date night plan.

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