Scrambled Pron – Free Will Brewing (Review)

Scrambled Pron by Free Will Brewing is one of their latest and greatest IPA’s. Priced at $15 for a 4 pack, this is available at both their Perkasie and Peddlar’s Village locations. Personally, it comes as no surprise but read below and I will explain in detail.

This particular beer is not as it seems. It’s labeled as a NEIPA that is aged with pink guava, apricot, peach, vanilla, and lactose sugar. Because of the description, many drinkers are expecting a sweet and fruity IPA similar to that of the wildly popular milkshake beers. However, many are left somewhat surprised and wanting something different.

The beer itself pours hazy with a nice aroma retaining head. The first taste comes off very sour and I honestly didn’t pick up on the fruity taste at all. I let the beer warm up and as it warmed, the sour tastes did slightly go away and led to a bit more sweetness. However, I would say that the majority of the beer did have a prickly, warm, sour feel.

Free Will Brewing scrambled pron

The Philly Brew Review – “Not Worth the Money”

Although I love most of Free Will Brewing’s beers, I don’t particularly like this one. I was expecting something different and am not a big fan of sour IPA’s at all. Personally, I would go with just about any of their other IPA’s if you’re at the brewery and looking to bring home a can of their deliciousness.

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