You’re All I Need – Interboro Spirit & Ales (Review)

“You’re All I need (El Dorado)” by Interboro Spirit and Ales is a version of the widely popular You’re All I Need series where only one hop is used in this double IPA. Unlike most breweries that use multiple hops at different stages in the boil and dry hopping stages, Interboro has chosen to test a single hop series and so far it has been a smashing success.

Bursting with juicy stone fruit and tropical notes, this beauty is a crowd pleaser for sure. In addition, the simple grain bill allows the rarely used Ed Dorado hop to shine. Although I’m not sure exactly what yeast strain is used (assuming it’s some sort of house strain), I can say this beer needs to warm up to room temperature to fully shine. When first poured, a nice tropical smell is immediately flying up your nose. However, I found that I wasn’t overly impressed with the first couple of sips. I say that with no criticism intended as I truly love this beer, but this IPA becomes much more enjoyable as it warms and as every minute p

Interboro Spirit & Ales Distributing to Philly Area

For those of you that don’t know, Interboro recently started distributing in the New Jersey area, and I’ve been lucky enough to find their cans in bottle shops just outside of Philadelphia (Ambler Beverage, the big distributor in King of Prussia, and Wine Warehouse). They are a bit pricey coming in at $20-$22 for a 4 pack, but well worth every penny. Personally, I would compare their beers to anything offered from the prized TreeHouse Brewing.

The Philly Brew Review – “Worth the Money”

Overall, we’re very pleased with the “You’re All I Need” series, and really enjoyed this version. My only advice is please let this beer warm up prior to consuming.

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